Líneas Negras

zine queen // mango baby

Ok pls try this on a human being not a monster

me: do u have a raisin

him: ….

me: how bout a date


me: whats ur raisin for not wanting to date, bruh im fab as hell

august 2013 x august 2014



first week of class

Fit of the day #1

Fit of the day #1

Brooklyn x Reykjavik x Boston

Anonymous said:
Do you have a zine with your 35mm photos? Love them so much.

ye i have a black and white one. might do color sometime soon bc i have access to a printer now.

bike rides x night swims

Boardwalks, July 2014

S/o to myze for buying a slime tshirt



holla cuz ya girl #employed by the architecture media center (she still hasn’t told me what exactly i’ll be doing tho)